What Christians Need to Do First

Overall, the Christian world seems to be out of ideas on how to deal with this difficult question, even though most are aware that it is eating away at the very foundations of the faith and is especially damaging to the youth. Creation scientists from all over the world continue to meet regularly to exchange ideas and strategies and to share their findings. Nonetheless, there is no viable solution in sight.

Meanwhile churches are frustrated that evolution is making inroads into their own private schools and is being promoted even by denominational employees. Church leaders as well as lay members are feeling pressed to take a firm stance either for or against the theory that is splitting the church before our very eyes.

And yet, I am going to argue in this paper that there is something else Christians should be doing first.

There are several things to keep in mind as you read this essay:

  1. The article is written for theists and therefore works under the assumption that the reader does believe a personal god exists.
  2. In the article I am addressing theists who accept evolution, since this is the group that is most likely to disagree with what I have to say, but the material is relevant to all theists.
  3. Since this particular group I am addressing differs in their view of Biblical inspiration, I will be writing this without taking into consideration the Bible, theology, or Christian tradition at all, but simply following logically the relationship between the existence of God and scientific methodology.
  4. The essay is also written so as to hopefully make sense to people without a science background.

My argument can be summarized as follows:

  1. Scientific methodology works under an assumption of naturalism.
  2. The lack of alternative scientific models affects the level of certainty regarding evolution.
  3. It is possible to study supernatural phenomena using methodological naturalism.
  4. Therefore, it is premature for Christians/theists to accept evolution.

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